Ibiza boat charters

One of the best ways to enjoy and experience Ibiza is by sea. Here you will find one of the best one-stop shops for boat hire in Ibiza and booking is made very easy on this dedicated site.

There’s everything from speed boats to luxury yachts at prices to suit all budgets. Going in groups of friends or family means that the cost per person can work out even cheaper for what will be an unforgettable experience. Discover the stunning Ibiza coastline and see the island from a completely different perspective. You can take a picnic or be catered for and many boats will provide free drinks – be sure to check out what each company offers.

There are guided tours and you can have fun in the sea with water toys or you could just take a dive into the big drink. You can hire a boat for a day or on a weekly basis, so take a look around and see what suits you.